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    Machinery is very important for the industry. High performance machine can reduce the production costs, saving time, reduce maintenance cost. But the price of modern machine is expensive. By the way If you already have old machinery. You can retrieve it by change the controller system. This way machine can work with effective, fast, accurately.
    We start with design the controller system for machinery by PLC-Base. Until now we still develop the technical for high performance machine controller. We have the experience in many type of machinery ie. Piping mill machine, Grinder machine, Flying cutting machine, Automation Feeder, Runout table, Accumulator machine, Solid-State welder machine, Tug rudder control, SCADA ...

 Years 2016

  • We start to tube production machine maker together with completable service and maintenance.

 Years 2017

  • We service & support NUSCO systems from japan
  • T-T Electric distributor with service & support in THAILAND

 Years 2018

  • We are Thailand distributor of sensor, industrial joysticks and electronic component brand MEGATRON from German

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